Disinfectants are essential to prevent infections and thus the outbreak of diseases. However, the biocidal agents used for the disinfection of hands, surfaces, skin, medical devices and laundry also pose potential hazards to human health and the environment. The Bureau for Chemical Engineering TB-Klade was the technical lead of the SAICM 2.0 project, funded by the German Environment Agency (UBA) and coordinated by Health Care Without Harm Europe (HCWH). The project aims to identify these unintended hazards while promoting safer, more environmentally friendly disinfectants without making unnecessary compromises on hygiene and occupational safety standards. SAICM 2.0 builds on the pioneering work of the Vienna Disinfectant Database (WIDES) and is intended to expand its application worldwide. By broadening the knowledge of procurement managers and healthcare professionals on the effects of disinfectants on health and the environment, purchasing criteria can be refocused and thus the hazards associated with the application can be reduced. The two-year project was completed in 2020. Project-accompanying webinars as well as a final report are available for download here or on the website of Health Care Without Harm Europe.

Report: Promoting-safer-disinfectants-in-the-healthcare-sector